LibWorm discussed in Norway

As mentioned previously, Guus van den Brekel has been traveling in Norway (Oslo and Trondheim) to give talks and run workshops about library web technology.

I try to follow most of what Guus does online because I can’t really get enough of tech-savvy medical librarians. So when I saw he’d posted another presentation on SlideShare titled “Web Developments & Trends,” I started looking through it right away- and was delighted to see that three slides (35, 36 and 37) are screen captures of LibWorm!

(Check out more from Guus’ trip to Norway here.)

Guus, we’re delighted that LibWorm was a part of your presentation! Please let your workshop attendees know they should email us if they have any questions, concerns or (our favorite) suggestions for improvement: david [AT] libworm [DOT] com. 🙂

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