More RSS to Web Page Tools

I’ve updated the page demonstrating RSS to Web page tools to include a few more free tools. Note that these are all free solutions that are hosted by their creators. There are also free solutions that require you to host the script yourself- I hope to add those when I have the time to install and play with them a bit more.

Here’s the complete list as of today:

Feedo Style
RSS Feed Converter
RSS Ticker Widget (Added 1/17/2007)
RSS Scrollbox Widget (Added 1/17/2007)
RSS2GIF (Added 1/20/2007)
RSS Mix – News Box Wizard (Added 1/20/2007)
MuseStorm Widget (Added 1/20/2007)
FeedFeeds (Added 1/20/2007)

Please let me know if I’m missing any by leaving a comment?

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4 thoughts on “More RSS to Web Page Tools

  1. I agree that R|mail is great, Hope- but I should point out for other readers that it is not an RSS-to-Web page tool.

    Those interested in RSS-to-email tools might wish to check out this post (which includes notes on the neat RSS-to-email stuff Hope did/does with MedGrab).