Online Behavior and Real Life Effects

The Hedgehog Librarian (who subscribes to more listservs than I do) has an interesting post on managing one’s online identity, and rightly points out that what one does online does (and should) matter to one’s reputation and career.

Particularly in the small profession of library science, where we do all know each other, people network and remember. An insult or slur goes much further online than it can in person because now there’s an archive of it.

…I understand the frustration…but not the tone. Do you think I won’t remember when you insult a librarian younger or older than you? Do you think I won’t remember when you verbally attacked another person? Do you think your name won’t trigger a warning bell if I ever see your resume? I think of it less as personal bias than professional preservation.

It is a good reminder that what one writes in blogs, leaves as comments, or writes to listservs is a permanent part of one’s professional reputation.

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