LibWorm makes “Top 10” for 2007 list at LISNews (Edited)

LISNews has made a list of “10 Blogs To Read in 2007” with LibWorm coming in at #4!

4. LibWorm

If you were familiar with LISFeeds, then consider Libworm to be LISFeeds 2.0. It doesn’t (yet) have all the features I wrote for LISFeeds, but I think you’ll find it a great way to follow all the blogs you can possibly handle. It’s nice to have a tool that specializes in aggregating the biblioblogosphere, and I’m looking forward to seeing what LibWorm adds this year.

Although LibWorm isn’t itself a blog, we’re thrilled to mentioned in this way- thanks!

Questions for Blake, though:

Which features from LISFeeds do you most want to see implemented first, and why haven’t you emailed us or left a note in the form at LibWorm to suggest them?
EDIT: Frankie rightly points out in the comments that Blake has already offered us feedback. I just want more ’cause I’m greedy.

We’re really counting on users to let us know what enhancements they most want to see, so I hope that Blake won’t be the only one sharing his thoughts! Use the form at LibWorm (bottom of the page) or email me at david [AT] libworm [DOT] com.

4 thoughts on “LibWorm makes “Top 10” for 2007 list at LISNews (Edited)

  1. Congratulations!

    And may I just say, for anyone who has ideas for improving the site, David and Frankie are AMAZING at responding to questions and suggestions.

  2. Just a little note David to remind you that Blake did kindly provide us some suggestions when LibWorm went live: advanced search, browse by feed, newest posts and newly updated feeds – none of which have been forgotten and will be incorporated soon 🙂 Of course, any further suggestions on what else could be done to improve LibWorm functionality, from Blake or anyone else, I would love to hear.