Friday fun: Haikus About a Bad Librarian

A librarian with whom I have been acquainted for more than 10 years sent these haikus to me, and I enjoy the way they describe the attitude and behavior of a very bad librarian.

A public service!
We’ll keep it hidden from them!
Library koan.

If you can sneak in
I guess we’ll give you info.
Is that how this works?

Thank god it’s Friday.
I’m sure it’s tiring hiding
All week from patrons.

Thank you, anonymous author, for the chuckles. If you come up with more librarian poetry, please do send it my way. 🙂

Has anyone else seen any good and funny poetry about libraries or librarians? If so, please leave a comment and share it!

One thought on “Friday fun: Haikus About a Bad Librarian

  1. I like the Haiku David – reminds me of a particularly grumpy librarian at our local library – my daughter was most offended at her attitude and couldn’t understand why she was working there at all if she wasn’t going to smile. I explained that she must have had a very unhappy childhood and probably didn’t realise just how miserable she was, but I had to agree that she would be better suited to working in an office.