Video: Why I Love My Library (Updated)

Update: The final version has been posted, and you’re invited to add your three reasons why you love your library.

This is great:

From (Sponsored by the NJ State Library), the video appears to have been posted to YouTube by Nancy Dowd.

3 thoughts on “Video: Why I Love My Library (Updated)

  1. Thanks for posting the video! Actually its a first edit run for a video I’m putting together and I posted online to share with some friends for input. New final version should be ready very soon. I love having real people tell us why they love the library reminds us all why we are there.

  2. Hi David,
    Just wanted to tell you the final video is posted. The idea is to break the record for the most comments posted on a YouTube video and we need you to post your three reasons and pass the word. I hated to edit down but I had to chop off 30 seconds…. I think you’ll still like it. –Nancy

    Go to: