LibWorm tag cloud enhancements

Since we first announced LibWorm’s new tag clouds in December, Frankie and I have been talking about how they could be made more useful in helping to describe the zeitgeist of the biblioblogosphere.

One of the problems with the tag clouds was that they only represented tags from ALL items indexed by LibWorm. If they were really going to be useful in helping us understand what bibliobloggers are tagging about, the clouds would need to be date-sensitive to specific periods.


Now there are three time periods to choose from for each cloud: This Week (frequently-used tags from the previous seven days), This Month (frequently used tags from the last 31 days), and This Year (frequently used tags from the last 365 days).

(Note: The Alphabetical list does not have this function, but instead shows all tags from all time in alphabetical order, along with the number of times the tag has been indexed.)

Stay tuned, there’s much more to come.

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