Three Must-Read Items for Aspiring Librarians

1. David Lee King has a great post from ALA Midwinter 2007 on Raising the Next-Gen Resource Sharing Librarian with insights from Mary Hollerich (National Library of Medicine), Audrey Huff (Northwestern University School of Law), Michael Porter (WebJunction), and Michael Stephens (Dominican University). All good stuff that I want to keep in mind as I proceed through coursework.

2. Speaking of Michael Stephens, he’s posted an interview with Michael Habib on ALA Techsource. If you haven’t read Habib on Library 2.0, you’re missing out. Habib just graduated from his program, and has absolutely earned all the attention his work gets from librarians I admire and respect.

3. T. Scott has some great advice for young librarians. I should probably qualify that: I don’t have the knowledge or experience to KNOW this is great advice, but I strongly suspect it. Perhaps someone who has been working in the field much longer than I have can confirm.

This ends today’s extra-curricular reading recommendations- we now return you to your regularly-scheduled coursework.

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