Friday Fun: Chronicles of Libraria (EDITED)

…made for the USF (University of South Florida in Tampa) Library…hope you enjoy our library-themed rap based on SNL’s “Lazy Sunday.”

EDIT: Since YouTube pulled them, I found the embeddable videos on Google Video instead. (Proof that Google Video and YouTube are not well synchronized yet).

YouTube is packed with parodies of and tributes to SNL’s “Lazy Sunday”, but you can only see the original here at

Here’s one other video from the USF library: Richard Sly, Library Guy, stars in Databases! I think I like the last 30 seconds best.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Chronicles of Libraria (EDITED)

  1. Let’s try this again. YouTube has removed the videos stating that both videos have violated terms of use. The exact YouTube wording is “this video has been removed due to terms of use violation”. So, I didn’t get to see them.

  2. That’s pretty weird, Katy. I only watched each video once late last night (EST), but I didn’t notice any content that violated terms of use. I noticed that the user account that uploaded them is suspended too.

    Maybe it has something to do with this story ?

  3. Okay, Katy- I replaced the YouTube embedded videos with Google Video versions. šŸ™‚