Test Complete (Do you use Google Reader?)


Thanks so much for the great response, folks! It seems my feed was fine and that Google Reader was having issues.


A friend emailed to tell me he’s seeing problems with my feed in Google Reader.

If you use Google Reader AND are seeing this post in Google Reader, could you please leave a comment on this post and tell me so?



16 thoughts on “Test Complete (Do you use Google Reader?)

  1. I think reader’s having some issues today. I was having a problem with your feed for a while — and it had been telling me that the 66 items I have in my “library” feeds that are unread are read…that’s back to normal now as well…

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Kevin- I’m really glad to hear it isn’t just a problem with my feed!

  3. hey there. I’m agreeing with kevin yezbick. reader has been having issues all day. I couldn’t see to access more than 20 posts at any given time. such a pain. but now your feed (which also wasn’t really showing up either), is right where it belongs and it seems that the other kinks have worked themselves out.

  4. Hi David, today Google Reader has problems with all the feeds. šŸ™
    Yesterday evening I could read everything except your blog. There was no problem with Bloglines.