March of the Librarians

They come to learn, network, collect free stuff, and possibly to mate…

Short documentary film parody of March of the Penguins about the natural behavior of Librarians as they instinctually gather together twice annually.

Shot at ALA MidWinter 2007 in Seattle and put together with obvious care and good humor by Nick Baker.

Although I am myself bearded, I had a good laugh at the “facial plumage” line.

9 thoughts on “March of the Librarians

  1. Hi Connie.

    Yes, it is actually embedded in this blog post. If you’d like to see it in YouTube, you can click on the embedded video to be taken there.


  2. Hmmmm….I don’t see it. If I click on the post title it takes me to the permalink page. Where do I click?

    Um, I’m using Firefox on a Mac with the ads turned off. I wonder if that is affecting it??

  3. That’s pretty odd, Connie. Adblock shouldn’t prevent you from seeing an embedded flash video unless you’ve instructed it to. I recommend checking your Adblock settings.

    Meanwhile, you can also find the video here.

  4. I think you are right, it is something with my settings and YouTube. I can’t seem to access anything on YouTube tonight. It says my Javascript is turned off, but meanwhile the settings I can see say they are turned on.

    Thanks for your patience! I’ll have a look later under different set up. 😎

    Great blog; it’s my first time poking around here.


  5. That’s awfully nice of you to say, Connie- thanks! Please do come again or subscribe.


  6. So, I came back today on a different computer and have now watched the video. That is so well done!! I never realized how penguin-like we librarians are. My favourite part was about the hungry vendors looking for a meal.

    Take care!

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