Correct Use of the Word: “Shushing” or “Shhhing”


A member of the list asked:

“When used in the written format, would you use ‘shhhing’ or ‘shushing’ – I have seen it used both ways.”

Responses included:

  • ‘Shushing’ is aptly used here —
  • Surely it depends upon what you’re actually saying. If you’re saying “Shhh” then it’s “Shhhing”. If you’re saying “Shush” (pronounced shoosh) then it’s shushing.
  • …have come to the conclusion it’s Shhhing.
  • A quick Google shows that ‘shushing’ is the preferred option, but I don’t have an English grammar to hand

But here’s my absolute favorite response:

I’m intrigued as to the context in which you’d actually want it written down…. Perhaps a memo to Purchasing: “To avoid excessive shhhing by staff, please find attached an order for 144 chloroform-soaked handkerchiefs…” ?

Thanks to anonymous for sending this my way. 🙂

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