Medical Search Modules for Netvibes (Updated)

Update: Guus added modules for the KMLE Medical Dictionary and DermAtlas šŸ™‚

One of the best things about blogging on topics of medical library geekery is that it puts me in touch with others pursuing similar interests.

Case in point: Guus van den Brekel and I chatted a couple of times today about search forms, tool bars, and Netvibes, discussing how best to make resources available to users.

Guus has already made my Consumer Health and Patient Education Custom Search Engine available in Second Life, but now he’s added it to Netvibes, too.

Also neat to see that Guus ran with my idea of adding more specialized clinical search engines like by making a Netvibes module for it. I hope he keeps going and manages to make a whole suite of Netvibes clinical search modules.

If you use Netvibes, check ’em out.

I love that we’re using the internet to share ideas, collaborate, and make new tools- all cheaply, easily and openly. šŸ™‚

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