“Digg for Medical Literature”

If you subscribe to Info To Go, please consider sharing with me the content of this item which I noticed via a LibWorm feed this morning.

I’m curious to see what it says.

Why would I be curious? No reason. I’m sure lots of people use this phrase, right?

4 thoughts on ““Digg for Medical Literature”

  1. It’s brief: “BioWizard users submit relevant, timely research articles they have found to be useful and interesting to the BioWizard site. Just perform your usual PubMed search on BioWizard and submit your favorite research. The articles you submit are then read by the rest of the community who promote articles they feel are deserving of recognition. The best articles in a research field are brought to the top page for all to read and discuss. Think of it as a supercharged way to find and share the best research in your field.”

  2. Thanks, Darren. Interesting. So the editors of Info to Go have a full aggregator of biblioblogs and present in their service the bits they think are best? Is that the model?

  3. There’s not much transparency to their service, but it seems like they are positioning themselves as Internet connoisseurs. It all feels quite dated–very 1997. Odd lack of features, and for a site aimed at educators and librarians, surprising lack of citation. They seem to have missed a couple boats. Get a free 2 months pass and check it out, you’ll see what I mean by 1997.