For MedLibs who use Macs: iPapers

This makes me want to get a Mac for our hospital library.

iPapers helps you manage all those PDFs. Name the PDF with the PubMed ID, and iPapers will pull all the metadata about each into its interface for you.


In case you don’t get the idea: Have you ever opened a music file (like an .mp3) and seen the player software figure out who the musician and song are, then go online and pull up a picture of the CD cover and info about the album and artist? It’s like that for PDFs of articles. Then it lets you browse and search your PDFs by this metadata. You can also then export that metadata in .csv or Endnote XML format.

So. Freaking. Cool.

Could someone with a Mac please try this out and let me know if it as awesome as it looks?

Here’s an idea for EBSCO, Ovid, and Elsevier:
Make an application like this for Windows and give it away to your customers when they subscribe to a full-text service that includes PDF downloads. Development costs wouldn’t be very high, and your clients would love you for it.

7 thoughts on “For MedLibs who use Macs: iPapers

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  2. Quosa really does a lot more than download and manage metadata for articles.

    If OVID has better search interface technology, it should be given at no aditional charge to all customers…but I think Quosa is a third-party client, isn’t it?

    Besides, I don’t want to have to use a client like OVID for this purpose, I want ot use PubMed. :p

  3. comes with a handy search interface (including single citation matcher)–rocks! Thanks for turning me onto this, I’m going to see what I can do w/ it this week

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