Add LibWorm Search to any Web page

We’ve gotten a handful of requests for permission to add LibWorm searching to other Web pages. Please consider this post permission granted to any and all who want it.

We’ll even show you how to do it. 🙂

Just copy and paste this code into your Web page…
<p>Search LibWorm:</p>
<form action="" method="get">
<input name="qu" type="text" size="20px" maxlength="40"/>
<input name="s" type="submit" value="OK"/>
<input name="r" type="hidden" value="Any"/>

….and you’ll get something that looks very much like this:

Search LibWorm:

Feel free to customize to your heart’s content.

If you do add LibWorm to your own Web page, we’d love to know about it. Please leave a comment here or drop me an email (null) to let us know where you’ve put it or how you’ve adapted it.

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