Rettig for ALA President message on YouTube (Updated, 3/1/07)

Update: Rettig has posted the final version of his video.

I read with interest Michael Stephens’ endorsement of Jim Rettig, and it looks like Rettig (with efforts like putting a campaign message on YouTube) is really trying to reach “blog people.”


3 thoughts on “Rettig for ALA President message on YouTube (Updated, 3/1/07)

  1. Hi Kathryn-

    Well, that’s annoying.

    IMHO, you’re not missing much. The concept to parody Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” with the flipping/tossing of large cur cards in synch with the audio, but it didn’t work out well. Most of it was really just Rettig reading a speech to the camera. The content of the speech was excellent. The video, not so much.