First PubDrug Monographs Available

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Great news from Stewart Brower:

Our first several completed and certified monographs are now up. Once a monograph completes the review process it is “locked down” to be protected from malicious edits. Our certified monographs are:

This progress would not have been possible without the amazing efforts of a handful of fourth-year professional Pharm.D. students at the University at Buffalo. Their user pages are linked from the above records and I encourage everyone to visit them.

More news to come soon.

Didja’ see it? Stew overcame the biggest problem with Wikis for health information:

Once a monograph completes the review process it is “locked down” to be protected from malicious edits.

And from the certification header on a monograph, evidence that despite this necessary lockdown of content, it still maintains some benefits of communal review and critique:

This document cannot be edited without being unlocked by the PubDrug admin. Edits or updates may be recommended under the Discussion tab for this document.

I am absolutely not qualified to comment on the content of these monographs, but this seems to me like an impressive start to the PubDrug project. Congratulations to all involved. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “First PubDrug Monographs Available

  1. Thanks for the post, David. We’re pretty excited about how things are moving forward. We still need to work out a lot of details about the editorial process, prove the model and then expand it to include other pharmacy schools (2008?), but nothing that’s insurmountable. I’ll try to keep you apprised.

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