NurseLinkUp: MySpace for Nurses

I’ve previously mentioned Sermo and Healtheva, both of which are social networking sites that seem to be trying to be “MySpace for Doctors,” so I knew it was just a matter of time before I’d write this post:

NurseLinkUp appears to be “MySpace for Nurses”.

Questions for medical librarians:

We’ve seen academic librarians discuss the appropriateness/efficacy of a presence in Facebook. We’ve seen public librarians discuss the same questions about MySpace.

Should medical librararies/librarians be establishing accounts in Sermo, Healtheva, and NurseLinkUp? If so, what should we do there? How will our actions differ from those of academic and public libraryfolk on Facebook or MySpace?

Will these sites ALLOW medical libraries(/librarians) to have accounts, or will these sites behave as Facebook did towards academic libraries?