Applause for AskDrWiki

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From the Doctor Wiki blog:

Ask Dr Wiki Will Now Require Proof of Credentials

Since Brandon Keim published his article in Nature Medicine titled WikiMedia, the subject of crendentialing has been a topic that has been discussed on and[*]. After hearing their arguments we have decided that they are correct. In order to create an expert medical wiki we need to prove that future users have real medical credentials. We will now require users to submit their real names, degree, and hospital or medical school and will then confirm their credentials before we allow them to create or edit articles. The comments and suggestions from everyone who weighed in are appreciated!

Brandon Keim: WikiMedia; News@Nature 13, 231-233

Posted by Dr. Wiki at 4:43 PM

I still have the same concerns that I have about Ganfyd, but this is a huge step in the right direction. Kudos to the editors of AskDrWiki.

*They’re referring to this post of mine and this post of Meredith’s (be sure to read the comments on both).