MeshPubMed is a (new?) third-party search tool for PubMed.


  • retrieves PubMed abstracts for your keywords,
  • detects Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in the abstracts,
  • displays a subset of MeSH relevant to your search, and
  • allows you to browse the ontology and display only papers containing specific MeSH terms.

After performing a search, the resulting abstracts are annotated with your query keywords and MeSH terms. The abstracts are grouped using the MeSH terms, which appear in the text. You can use the MeSH hierarchy to systematically explore your search results.

Note that only a subset of all terms may be relevant to your query. This subset – the hierarchy of relevant terms – is presented on the left hand side. Sorting documents to a highly organised network facilitates the finding of relevant documents significantly.

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MeshPubMed instructions

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