EBSCO to deliver blog content

From the press release:

IPSWICH, Mass. & GUILFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO), the world’s premier database aggregator, and Newstex, the Content On Demand™ company, today announced an alliance to deliver Newstex Content On Demand™ and Newstex Blogs On Demand™ via nearly 100 EBSCO databases to customers worldwide. As part of the distribution agreement, full-text blog content from premier Weblogs with historical archives in a wide variety of categories including art, career, economics, environment, finance, food, health, law, marketing, medical, technology, and many more will be made available in online aggregated databases for the first time.

Unlike existing Web-based blog aggregation services, Newstex actually licenses influential blog content directly from independent bloggers and then takes in each carefully selected blog feed in text format and uses its proprietary NewsRouter technology to scan it in real-time. The resulting blog feeds, news feeds, and historical archives are delivered to EBSCO for distribution to customers in applicable databases.

“Blog content is becoming more prominent in all facets of research,” said Dave Mangione, vice president of product management and content licensing for EBSCO Publishing. “With Newstex as our partner, the value of such content is significantly increased due to the high quality control standards Newstex follows in their effort to gather and disseminate blog content. We are pleased to add full-text blog content from Newstex to help meet the increasing customer demand in this area.”

Larry Schwartz, Newstex president, added, “Blog content is growing in importance for every discipline and in every industry. But the challenge is to deliver blog content with comprehensive history to customers in the applications that they rely on every day. Now, EBSCO Publishing customers will enjoy commentary on a wide variety of topics from influential bloggers as part of their existing services.”

Newstex automatically tags each blog post with company names, stock tickers, key executives and government officials, and detailed topical categories. Each news story and blog post delivered as part of Newstex Blogs On Demand will include Newstex’s proprietary PeopleTickering™—a system that synthesizes metadata from numerous premium sources and quality blogs to create a database of people who make the news.

Here’s a list of blogs included in Newstex’s Blogs On Demand™ offerings. It includes only 10 medical blogs. Since most blogs are freely available on the Web and blog search engines continue to improve (I’m a big fan of Google Blog Search), I wonder if the added value will be solely from the Newstex ‘tagging’. The PeopleTickering™ sounds a lot like a meme-tracker for names, doesn’t it? Perhaps like pmeme?

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  3. The list of blogs on the Newstex website isn’t always exactly up-to-date, so I think you’ll eventually find there are most than ten blogs in that category. It just takes a while to get them added to the website and feed. Frankly, it can take a while for a blogger to decide to sign with us, too. I hope that as Newstex becomes a more familiar name to bloggers, they’ll start to sign more readily, and will perhaps even approach us. Right now, it’s mainly us hunting down blogs, one blog at a time. I promise, more medical blogs will come!

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