5 Non-Librar* Blogs

Rachel Singer Gordon has started a meme suggesting that bibliobloggers list 5 blogs they read that aren’t library-related.

1. Running a Hospital
The President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Paul Levy posts about various aspects of hospital management.

2. Kevin, M.D.
I think that this blog is to medical bloggers what the Librarian in Black is to bibliobloggers. In short posts, he touches on everything.

3. Of Zen and Computing

Of Zen and Computing is a computer tech support website for everyday people with everyday problems. Our contributors are I.T. professionals with extensive experience in solving computer problems day-in and day-out, and Of Zen and Computing is your gateway to their know-how.

I don’t really learn about technology from this blog, but I get good tips on teaching it.

4. Polite Dissent
I’m interested in medicine, comics, and television- so Polite Dissent is one of my regular favorites. I particularly love Scott’s reviews of each episode of House and his ongoing series of posts on psychic nosebleeds in comics.

5. Creating Passionate Users

The Creating Passionate Users bloggers are all fascinated by brains, minds and what science can tell us about the practice of making users passionate about their lives and tools. Kathy is the chief poobah of the bestselling Head First books (www.wickedlysmart.com), a brain-friendly series from O’Reilly.

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