The Electric Company: Library

I have no specific recollection of this clip, but I know I loved this show when I was very small.

I was thinking about how dated it was (with only really books shown) when what I thought looked like an iPod appeared (at about 00:25):

iPod? White iPod

That’s right. The Children’s Television Workshop foresaw the iPod in the 70s. Amazing.

3 thoughts on “The Electric Company: Library

  1. I hope it’s no April Fool’s joke that you loved “The Electric Company” – it was one of my favorite shows, too! I may even purchase the DVD, but somewhere I have the LP of songs. It was soooooo much better than “Sesame Street.”

  2. That’s not something I’d joke about, Jenny. 🙂

    I recall liking both The Electric Company and Sesame Street…but Sesame Street never featured appearances by Spiderman.