WikiProfessional and WikiProteins (A BioMedical datamining Wiki mashup?)

Have you seen news about WikiProfessional?

Its first project is WikiProteins.


Lots of details in this Nature article:
Key biology databases go wiki
Jim Giles
SUMMARY: Collaborative approach aims to keep pace with discoveries.
News@Nature 445, 691 – 691 (15 Feb 2007) News

Barend Mons, “a bioinformatician at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam,” seeks to “meld some of the most important biomedical databases into a single information resource.”

But that’s not all.

Mons…also wants to apply the Wikipedia philosophy. He’s inviting the whole research community to help update a vast store of interlinked data. If he and his colleagues can pull it off — and even the project’s advocates are not sure they can — they could transform the databases that are central to the work of many life scientists.

View the demo.

ars technica writes:

As with Wikipedia, users can sign up for alerts when content changes, but a key difference comes in how these alerts are managed. Instead of tying them to changes in a specific page, WikiProteins will send out an alert to anyone interested in a topic, no matter where within the system those changes took place. In the example above, anyone interested in migration will receive an alert of the changes to the YFG page, even if they’d never heard of the gene previously. Not only is this potentially more useful to users, but it should improve the quality of content, as the community of researchers interested in migration can police content they might never be aware of in a standard wiki system.

I signed up for the mailing list- sounds like a really interesting project.

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