New MedLib Blog Has Nothing to Do with Tuna

“Ratcatcher” is a degreed medical librarian at a very well-respected medical institution which, unfortunately, requires her to blog under a pseudonym. Then again, perhaps the anonymity will give Ratcatcher greater license to say exactly what she’s thinking- and I’m interested in what she thinks. She’s smart, she’s tech-savvy, and I’ve been subscribed to her bookmarks for almost a year while benefiting from the comments she has left at

I admit that I considered “OMG Tuna is Kewl” an odd name for a blog until I read the comic from whence it comes:

OMG Tuna is Kewl
Click for full-size comic
(For more like this, see Wondermark)

Now, of course, I think it is an awesome, hilarious and perfect name.

If you’re looking for another MedLib Blogger to read, drop by OMG Tuna is Kewl and check out Ratcatcher’s first few posts.

Two questions for Ratcatcher:

1. Where’s your MedLib Blog Badge?

2. Why have you not added your blog to the Masterlist of MedLib Blogs?


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