MLA President-Elect on Priorities

In the new issue of the MLA News, President-Elect Mark Funk presents a list of Presidential priorities, including:

Upgrade the association’s use of technology so that we are regarded as a technology leader. Make MLA more of a virtual association. Create new avenues for communication.

Establish RSS feeds from headquarters, sections, the Governmental Relations Committee, task forces, and other units, so that members can more easily become aware of new developments. Allow members to customize which feeds they want to receive.

Establish wikis for sections, councils, committees, task forces, and other units in order to increase collaboration and participation. Allow units to enact their own rules for access and editing.

Study the effectiveness of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. Is it successfully fulfilling the needs of the membership? How can it be improved?

Promote the new roles and activities of the information specialists in context (ISICs) in nonlibrary venues. Increase the awareness of health care administrators, clinicians, educators, and researchers about this new role for health sciences librarians.

Wow. Color this medical library geek impressed. I wish Mark Funk every possible success in pursuing these priorities and hope very much that MLA members will support them whole-heartedly.

Again: Wow.

Tangent: It wasn’t a surprise to me that Mark was in favor of using new technologies in medical libraries because I had read this post on MEDLIB-L.

Thanks for the heads-up, Ratcatcher!

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