LibWorm at CIL2007 (Updated 4/19/07)

Update: Wow!ter is absolutely right- his variation is better.

Query: +(CIL2007 “CIL 2007” “computers in libraries”)
Feed for this query


From the InfoToday Blog:

* LibWorm search: +(CIL2007 “computers in libraries”)
Feed for this search


That’s really great that the organizers of CIL2007 like the idea, but I’m a little surprised that there was no link to the post they borrowed it from:

Even weirder, Connie Crosby blogged about Steven Cohen’s presentation on RSS today:

LIBWORM is cool – David Bigwood and developer created this site – searching only library feeds. He conducts a live search for CIL2007. Then you can throw the search into your Google Reader.


Picture me blinking, confused. “David Bigwood“? I figured that maybe this was a transcription error, as Steven definitely knows my name and knows who created LibWorm. He was the first person (outside of Frankie) with whom I discussed LibWorm. Regardless, sort of odd. Anyway- I’m glad Connie thinks LibWorm is cool and glad that Steven thought LibWorm was worth including in his presentation.

I really hope that in Steven’s talk, Frankie’s name was used. Really, “…and developer…” is nowhere near adequate. I’ll propose text for Steven’s next presentation on RSS including LibWorm:

“LibWorm, created by rockin’ UK code-maven Frankie Dolan and MedLib geek David Rothman, is way cool…” 😉

Wish I could’ve seen Steven’s talk. I’ll bet it was really good.


Maybe I’ll be able to attend CIL2008.

5 thoughts on “LibWorm at CIL2007 (Updated 4/19/07)

  1. David just a little improvemet on your search:
    Try this one: +(CIL2007 “CIL 2007” “computers in libraries”)

    Really it’s swell

  2. Well, your name was definitely not “Bigwood” at the conference, so no worries there. Unfortunately, though, Frankie was the unsung hero of the session. Everybody LOVED Libworm. At least, everybody in the overflow from the overflow room loved it (I was sitting on the stairs outside of the overflow room), and it seemed like the feeling was pretty ubiquitous in the after-session conversations.

  3. I didn’t think so, Iris. As I wrote, Steven was hip to our LibWorm plans before almost anyone, so it seems unlikely he’d get my name wrong.

    I’m very, very sad to hear that Frankie’s name was not shouted loudly and have plans in the works to help increase her profile with libraryfolk. Stay tuned for more.

    Thanks so much for the report, Iris. 🙂

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