More Applause for Ask Dr. Wiki

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When I suggested that Ask Dr. Wiiki needed a detailed editorial policy, I didn’t expect them to embrace the idea so quickly- but they did.

Some changes and suggestions that we will implement.
1. Creation of an editorial policy as per the suggestion of David Rothman
2. Create a list of all contributing editors with their pertinent credentials
3. Creation of a New Logo
4. Protection of Pages on the Wiki that contain any medication dosages so these pages can not be altered.
5. Addition of a clinical pharmacist to the editorial board.
6. Addition of a AskDrWiki page on Wikipedia.
7. Addition of a General Surgery, ENT, Vascular Surgery, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, and Basic Science Editors

There’s a lot of work to be done, but I really am impressed that the editors of Ask Dr. Wiki are taking these suggestions and running with them. At this rate, Ask Dr. Wiki may soon be the medical Wiki that sets the bar for all others.

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