Google doesn’t cite its sources

For every thing Google does that I admire and adore, they also do something that bugs me. I talk about the former all the time, so here’s the latest example of the latter.

Over on, medical blogger Joshua Schwimmer (MD, FACP, FASN) writes:

Unexpectedly, I was quoted on page 3 of this year’s Google Annual Report. That was nice of them.

(The original interview about searching the medical literature was posted on Dean Guistini’s Google Scholar Blog.)

At first glance, that seems cool, right? Look at page three of the annual report for yourself.

See the quote? Good.

See the citation for the quote? No? That’s because Google took the quote from a librarian’s blog and failed to cite it.

Is it just me, or is this shameful and surprisingly dumb?

One thought on “Google doesn’t cite its sources

  1. Wow…not the brightest move on their parts. I wonder why they didn’t. It seems as though it would take 10-15 seconds to send an email saying “We appreciate your comment we’d like to attribute it…what’s your real name?”