Bubble Guru Demonstration

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To see a demonstration of what Bubble Guru does, click here.
(Has audio- adjust the volume on your speakers to be appropriate to your environment)

Try it yourself: http://www.bubbleguru.com/

7 thoughts on “Bubble Guru Demonstration

  1. Impressive. It did nothing for about a minute+ (and Firefox indicated “done”), then opened a bubble telling me (in nearly unreadable black-on-dark-gray type) that there’s a server problem.

  2. Sorry to hear it, Walt. It worked well for me this morning from home in Firefox and this afternoon in IE7.

    Paul, you’re right. If I make another, I shall wear a pink gown and a crown. 🙂

  3. I thought I’d try again, timing it this time. Well, it’s been three full minutes so far, and nothing’s happened. Maybe the tubes to Mountain View are blocked with leftover Google searches. At four minutes, I’ll give up. That’s four minutes. Bye.