Google EMR?


The Wall Street Journal Health blog mentions that Google VP Adam Bosworth (whose interest in health information I’ve previously posted about here, here and here) spoke today at the World Health Care Congress in Washington D.C.

Bosworth…said patients should have online access to all of the electronic health information that exists about them, whether it’s contained in doctors’ files, billing databases or prescription record.

David Williams, a blogger and health-care consultant who was there….speculates that Google wants to be the one to offer consumers this information, in the form of an electronic health record.

But Bosworth didn’t spill any specifics. Williams told the Health Blog this afternoon that the exec would only say that Google’s health project is “in the queue.”


5 thoughts on “Google EMR?

  1. Wow.
    Google could push adverts tailored to your medical records for whoever has access rights. Egads!

    And aggregate data mining could lead to incredible progress in medicine research.

    But do you trust them? Huh? do Ya?

  2. Hello Mr. Schad!

    How about Google attempting to buy DoubleClick?

    Between DoubleClick tracking cookies and Google being able to identify users via services like Gmail, Google Reader, Blogger/Blogspot, Google Apps, Gtalk, Picasa, and the (still non-existant) Google EMR, the amount of marketing information Google could collect on an individual is startling.

    Would I trust Google to store all my personal health information? I don’t know.

    Still, look how Google, with Gmail, radically changed email interfaces (others are still scrambling to imitate Gmail’s best interface features). Maybe they’ll innovate with the EMR/EHR in a way that will help others improve.

  3. I’ve been hearing news about the ‘Google Scrapbook’ for some time now. The problem I see with this is that physicians are the keepers of patient data today. That data resides in the physician’s office – on paper (for the most part). Because of this, Google will not be able aggregate patient data – forcing patients to to enter it themselves. The has traditionally not worked e.g. RelayHealth, Medem, etc. our CEO talks more about it here:

    Jonathan Seb
    Practice Fusion, Inc.

  4. Hi Jonathan-

    I don’t disagree, but I also wouldn’t put it past Google to make the patient’s data-entry more easy and convenient than previous efforts. Maybe they’re also planning an interface for the most popular practice EMRs.

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