CILIP HLG Newsletter on Third-Party PubMed Tools

I often stumble across good and useful things by accident.


Case in point: While using Google to look for a document I had misplaced, a typo caused me to stumble across an article from the March 2007 issue of the CILIP Health Libraries Group Newsletter titled “Internet Sites of Interest,” featuring short descriptions of a number if third-party PubMed tools. I recognized the name of the author, Keith Nockels, because I have subscribed to his blog’s feed since I first discovered it through the Masterlist of MedLib Blogs.

I recently wrote a similar item for publication, but selected a completely different set of tools to focus on- so it was loads of fun to see which ones Keith decided to feature. (Mark Rabnett recently wrote a similar piece. Again, there is very little overlap between his selections and mine.)

Snag Keith’s article here: PDF

Now that I know this newsletter exists, I’ll be keeping an eye out for future issues. Thanks, Keith!

Quick question I’m hoping a U.K. Health Librarian will answer: I understand that CILIP is to the U.K. what the ALA is the U.S.. Is the HLG the closest U.K. analogue to the U.S.’s MLA? If you’re not sick to death of acronyms and initialisms yet, please leave me a comment and let me know? Many thanks!

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5 thoughts on “CILIP HLG Newsletter on Third-Party PubMed Tools

  1. HLG is the special interest group of CILIP for those interested in all things health librarianship related. Not sure exactly how MLA relates to ALA so not sure of the equivalence in terms of realtionships.

    The newsletter (and back issues) is available via the group website

    You may also be interested in a recent review article on web 2.0 in the March 2007 issue of our journal HILJ (Health Information and Libraries Journal)

    (at the time of writing this is available to view fulltext online).

    Looking at your links I have some browsing to do…

  2. Thanks, Alan! I should perhaps clarify my question: Is the CILIP HLG the leading national professional association for UK Health Librarians?

    If so, I think the following might be reasonable.

    Nation: Organization, Formal Publication, Organization’s Newsletter
    US: MLA, JMLA, MLA News
    UK: CILIP HLG, HILJ, HLG Newsletter

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