MedWorm Searches Get Even More Powerful and Specific

Have I mentioned recently how much MedWorm creator and LibWorm co-creator Frankie Dolan rocks? Let’s just make sure I cover that bit of housekeeping: Frankie Dolan Rocks.

Moving on…

Okay, say we want to search MedWorm for mentions of Ulcerative Colitis. When we get the search results, we now see a new option to “filter.”

This produces a breakdown of the search results by feed category with a number in parenthesis showing how many search results come from each feed category.

So if I’m primarily interested in getting updates on Ulcerative Colitis from sources mainly concerned with drug therapies, I might select Drugs & Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals, then click the Apply Filter button.

selectcategories.png applyfilter.png

We’ve now filtered the search results to just those from feeds in those two categories AND we can subscribe to a feed for this filtered search. How cool is that?

Coming to LibWorm: Because MedWorm and LibWorm are very similar, enhancements to one will inevitably roll out on the other. Imagine being able to search LibWorm for “Information Literacy” and restrict the search results to just items appearing in feeds from Academic Libraries.

Feel free to say it with me: Frankie Dolan rocks.

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