Update on EBSCOhost RSS Features

Got email from EBSCO’s Kathleen McEvoy who says that the policies I criticized yesterday have been miscommunicated and misunderstood.

The user doesn’t have to click on an item and go to EBSCO to prevent a feed from expiring. What keeps the feed active is that EBSCO notes it is still being polled regularly by your aggregator.

The feeds that disappear after a week are those that have been created but not subscribed to. It is reasonably assumed by EBSCO that feeds that are created and not polled by any aggregators were created by accident and deleted.

Kathleen also notes:

These limits only apply to users who aren’t signed in. If you’re logged into your My EBSCOhost account, one-click alerts follow the normal with regular renewal notices.

EBSCO has posted an updated explanation of how these work.

Thanks, Kathleen, for clearing this up.

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