German Language Medical Wiki?

Benedikt Aichinger at eHealth in Austria reports that this is a German Language Medical Wiki.

If a reader able to translate from German to English were to let me know the following information, I’d like to add it to the list of medical wikis:

Intended Audience/Users:
Editorial Policies:

Benedikt, would you perhaps be willing to translate?

5 thoughts on “German Language Medical Wiki?

  1. Good morning David. I will take the first (easy) part.

    Self-description: DocCheck Flexikon – Donate your knowledge. DocCheck Flexikon is an open medical encyclopedia that is contained by all users and therefore is always up-to-date. Everybody is allowed to join and share his knowledge on the web.

    Intended Audience: It aims mainly to reach physicians, vets, dentists, pharmacists and students of these disciplines as well as anybody who is interested.
    Same for Contributors.

    Editors/Adminstrators: DocCheck Medical Services GmbH (which does not take any responsibility nevertheless you may report somebody there if you think he is acting wrong).

    In all I am not convinced at all of the policy but there may be somebody else translating? Collaborative working 🙂

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I’ve added this to the list and linked to you as the translator. 🙂

  3. Hello, reading this post I got reminded of the reservations for wikis being held by companies that my father mentioned some time ago. He was and is looking for some wiki way to let his students create a medical wiki (neuroradiology and related). I suggested not to create another “instance” but to build on some wiki already in existence (I think I suggested

    He argued that it is problematic to use a wiki without having some guarantees for its steadiness or regarding the ownership of the content.

    Somehow I think in respect to activly contributing he got a point, since you can download Wikipedia (as well as you can be quite sure that it will last for long time) but you can’t download most “third party” wikis and reuse their content.

    To be honest: I didn’t think about it too much and maybe this reply is pretty pointless in respect to the intention of the list (if so, just skip this reply :)). On the other hand this might be an interesting additional information field?

  4. @Tobias: As the operator of DocCheck Flexicon I may point out, that all written content in our Wiki is GNU/FDL and many of our articles are cross-used in German Wikipedia. Though we may own the server, the content is free. Get back to me if you have any further questions.