More Social Networks for Clinicians

I’ve previously mentioned physician social networks Healtheva and Sermo (both competing for the title of “MySpace for Doctors”), and NurseLinkUp, a social network for nurses.

Time to add to that list:


Tiromed is a professional knowledge network exclusively for students of medicine and physicians. The purpose of this network is to facilitate communication not only between peers at the same academic and professional level, but to allow communication between all levels.


SocialMD is a great new way to network with other physicians. Whether you are a medical student, resident, fellow or physician you will find that SocialMD is a great way to meet and network with other medical professionals. There are currently more than 1700 members in SocialMD.

Clinical Village
clinicalvillagelogo.png was created to give you the ability to communicate with other clinicians and build an online community where you can share your clinical and life experience with colleagues, ask and answer questions, blog about your current hot button issues, find old college or med school friends, or make new ones. This site depends on you for it’s content and direction. It’s your community, please help build it. Remember, this site has no sponsorship or any other ties to industry.

And of course the previously-mentioned:


Welcome to the only online community where physicians around the nation exchange the latest medical insights with each other and improve patient outcomes – 24/7


Healtheva is a community for physicians, researchers, residents, interns, and medical students.


Nurse LinkUp is the premier online nursing community for nursing professionals, student nurses, and those involved or interested in the nursing and healthcare industries in general.

Any others that I’ve missed?

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