Annotate Web pages with SharedCopy

I have used CiteBite a number of times here to link not only to a page, but a particular string of text highlighted on that page. I love CiteBite and find it incredibly useful.

But what if I want to do more than link to a highlighted passage on a page? What if I want to link to an annotated page? That’s what SharedCopy is for.

Here’s a marked-up version of Meredith Farkas’ blog.

SharedCopy is easy to use and has bookmarklets for both public and private markups. This would perhaps be useful for instructional purposes or for collaboration on design. You could even mark up a full text article like this one.

Because SharedCopy turns URLs into links, it is easy to insert a link to PubMed search results for additional reading on a facet of the article.

5 thoughts on “Annotate Web pages with SharedCopy

  1. I’d like to bring your attention to It provides a lot more, integrating tagging, groups, full-text search

  2. Ratcatcher, I really would be grateful if you’d not give away what future posts will be about.


    True. And I like the way Trailfire can take a user on a tour of URLs in deliberate sequence- but it sure is slow for me.

  3. Maggie-

    Things I don’t like about Diigo as an annotation tool:

    First, the Forward option should include the ability to just copy the appropriate URL. That I have to expose someone else’s email address or send it to myself to get the URL doesn’t respect the user’s time/convenience or his/her wish to maintain the privacy of friends’ email addresses. I don’t WANT to send their email addresses through Diigo’s servers.

    Second, because the Private/Public options are two extremes with no options in-between. Either your annotations are available to all, or only to you. The fact that I can’t decide with whom to share it is another limitation.

    Third, the annotated page neither immediately scrolls to the annotations (like CiteBite) nor provides navigation for annotations (like SharedCopy).

    Regardless, thank you for pointing this feature out to me. I haven’t looked at Diigo in a long while, and it was interesting to see how it has grown.

  4. David,

    Your points are well taken.

    Regarding #1, a feature like that will be out in a few days.

    #2: check out our group feature.

    #3: soon.