(Third-Party PubMed Tool)

The more I play with, the more I like it.

Say you want to post a link to the PubMed abstract for PMID: 12472752. The appropriate gigantic URL would be:


But lets us shorten that to:
(Get it? The URL is[Your PMID].)

If we want to fetch two abstracts, we can do that by adding a “+” and the second PMID:
([First PMID]+[Second PMID])

We can even retrieve three abstracts this way:
([First PMID]+[Second PMID]+[ThirdPMID])

Or we can fetch articles related to PMID 17146093:
([your PMID])

You can even run a (simple) search with
([First search term]+[Second search term])

You can also look for (/link to) full-text articles (though I still prefer PubMed Gold for this purpose):
([Your PMID])

But these aren’t even the coolest thing about The coolest thing about is the batch search, which runs multiple searches simultaneously so the user can compare counts of hits. The default demonstration search is a great illustration, but I thought I’d try one of my own.

In the Search for: field, I enter:

colitis OR “ulcerative colitis” OR crohns OR crohn’s OR “crohns disease” OR “crohn’s disease” OR “inflammatory bowel disease” OR IBD

In the AND with: field, I enter:

probiotics OR prebiotics
probiotics AND prebiotics runs these four searches, gives me a link to each set of results, and will count the number of hits in each.

There’s no indication on the site of who created and and why (although the domain appears to be registered by Terry Bird of Palatine, IL). I just want to know to whom my thank-you card should be sent.

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