Physician Blogging in the News, Physician Blogger in the Hospital

Three items about physician blogging:

Paging Dr. Blog: Online discourse raises questions
USA Today, 5/13/2006
Kim Painter

Family Medicine Meets the Blogosphere: An introduction to blogs may help take the fear out of the blogosphere.
Family Practice Management, May 2007
Mitchell L. Cohen, MD

Nothing new in either one of these for those who actually read physician blogs, but it is nice to be able to point to these to help explain some of the blogs I follow.

Speaking of physician blogs I follow, Scott at Polite Dissent (previously mentioned here) has had what his wife describes as “a minor myocardial infarction (heart attack).” I love Scott’s blog and I know that I’m only one of a great number of readers who wishes Scott a full, speedy and comfortable recovery.

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