Three More Blogs Displaying the MedLib Blog Badge

Three more blogs are displaying the MedLib Blog and therefore merit mention.

First is the previously mentioned anonymous blog from “Ratcatcher,” OMG Tuna is Kewl. As promised, she added the badge:


(I’ll take this opportunity again to mention that Ratcatcher must blog anonymously because her employer will not allow her to blog under her own name- I’ll vouch for the fact that Ratcatcher is a degreed medical librarian at a very respectable institution.)

Second is the new iLib blog from the Health Sciences Library at Stony Brook University.


iLib seems to be updated infrequently thus far and I’m a little curious why it is neither located at the same domain as the library’s Web site nor linked-to from the library’s Web site- but it would be really great to have a strong blog from the perspective of an academic medical library, so I have high hopes.

Third is the Saskatoon Health Region Medical Library blog.

Reminder to the SHL: Be sure to add your blog to the Master list! 🙂

Why is David so into this badgey stuff?
Previously, I’ve noted the following blogs that display the MedLib Blog badge in their sidebars:

If I’ve missed the badge on your blog or if you’ve just added it, please let me know so I can link to you from here.

Why would I want to add the badge to my blog?

The badge links back to the masterlist of MedLib blogs to indicate the blog’s membership in the growing community (and sense of community) of MedLib blogs(/bloggers). (This should serve also as a reminder to add your blog to this masterlist, if appropriate.)

To add this badge to your own blog, just copy and paste this code:

<a href="">
<img src=""></a>

Not sure how to do this with your particular blogging software? Email me at david[DOT]rothman[AT]gmail[DOT]com and we’ll figure it out together. :)

2 thoughts on “Three More Blogs Displaying the MedLib Blog Badge

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for mentioning the iLib–we will be moving it/revamping it before June. BTW, There is a link to the iLib from the library’s website within the Library Services menu.