BioInfoBank Library (Digg for Medical Literature, Part VII)

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Though not strictly for medical literature, the BioInfoBank Library is similar enough to be included in this series of posts.

About BioInfoBank:

The general objective of BioInfoBank is to promote and boost the development of high-tech initiatives in and around Poland. The main activity of BioInfoBank is collecting information about innovative technologies in Poland and the preparation, launching and execution of high-tech projects. The main role of BioInfoBank is to match complementary partners and to exchange ideas and resources between them. BioInfoBank is an open and expanding network.

About the BioInfoBank Library:

  • Register to comment articles, reports and participate in mesh term forums
  • Register to monitor favorite articles, reports, mesh-terms, authors, users
  • Register to publish reports in the BioInfoBank Library and become editor
  • Register to create Your own user record to promote Your scientific activity

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