SugarStats (Online Diabetes Management)

Built by diabetics for diabetics, SugarStats provides a simple, completely web-based and clean interface to track, monitor and access your glucose levels and diabetic statistics to spot dangerous trends and better manage your diabetic lifestyle.

You input and access your info via a web browser so no matter where you are you have easy access.

With SugarStats you can track your blood sugar glucose levels along with the elements that effect those levels such as medication, food intake and physical activity. You can then easily share this information with your health care professional, family and friends to get further consultation and advice to better your health.

With SugarStats you will be able to:

* Bring your readings online. Get rid of that pen & paper log!
* Track & manage meds, foods and activity
* Drill down into specific timeframes to get a clear picture
* Visualize your progress with easy to read graphs and trends
* Share your statistics with your family, friends or doctor
* Access your info from any modern web browsers
* Have a clear and easy-to-use interface to view your stat

Take the tour to see more of what SugarStats has planned.

How do physicians who treat diabetics like this idea? I have been told that Ob/Gyns generally appreciate that TCoYF/Ovusoft helps patients time efforts for conception and can help provide the physician with detailed charting of the patient’s activities. Would applications like these be welcome by physicians in a number of other specialties?

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