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I’ve previously mentioned (particularly its medical abbreviations section) as a resource for looking up medical abbreviations, acronyms, or initialisms and I’ve posted about KMLE – but I’ve encountered a few more lately that appear worth noting:

Stanford Biomedical Abbreviation Server

Used a text-mining approach to create a database dictionary from PubMed/MEDLINE citations.

We have scanned 11,447,996 PubMed citations for abbreviations and put them in a database. The database currently has 2,074,367 abbreviations. This work has been published in:
Chang JT, Schütze H, and Altman RB (2002). Creating an Online Dictionary of Abbreviations from MEDLINE. The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 9(6): 612-20.
[ PubMed | PDF ]


Like Stanford’s Biomedical Abbreviation Server, the National Centre for Text Mining (UK) built Acromine via text-mining in MEDLINE.

See Also:
Okazaki, N., Ananiadou, S. (2006) Building an abbreviation dictionary using a term recognition approach. Bioinformatics.

ADAM: Another Database of Abbreviations in MEDLINE

See Also:
Zhou W, Torvik VI, Smalheiser NR. ADAM: another database of abbreviations in MEDLINE. Bioinformatics 2006; 22(22): 2813-2818.

Wikipedia List of Medical Abbreviations

I’d really like to see an additional column in this list that indicates if the abbreviation is on the Joint Commission’s Official “Do Not Use” List. Speaking of which:

Joint Commision’s Official “Do Not Use” List

Official List (PDF)

FAQ about the Official List (PDF)

Facts about the Official “Do Not Use” List


Below is a list of medical abbreviations and acronyms. To use, simply click on the list and enter the 1st letter of the term and scroll until you find the medical abbreviations you are looking for.

Do you have a favorite? What do you like about it? What do you use it for?

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