Writing one novel…per month

Okay, it is a little off-topic, but too cool not to mention.

Fritz Bogott is a friend from our days in St. Paul who always impressed me with his intelligence, generousity, sense of humor and creativity. A generally quiet man, he also has great taste in loud music.

Sure, it was cool to watch Jonathan Coulton produce a Thing a Week (check him out if you haven’t yet), but Fritz is launching a project to write a novel each month.

Starting June 1, I will write a novel a month for a year and blog about the experience, with able assistance from illustrator and animator Mozhi.

I will start with a plot suggested by my three-year-old daughter, who told me a story one evening about a family of mechanically-inclined trolls who travel to our house each night in cars and buses, break in using wrenches, ladders and WD-40, and subject us to a series of complicated practical jokes.

The second plot is based upon a dream in which my long-estranged great uncle demands to meet me at a Pismo Beach-themed restaurant and hands over a fifty-year-old postcard in which the anonymous sender promises to kill him in exactly fifty years. This is the first I have heard of it. He seems to think I will be able to help.

In the third plot, the entire U.S. intelligence establishment is outsourced to a reality show.

You gotta’ love it. Just his chutzpah alone is worth celebrating.

Check out Novel-a-Month and subscribe to its feed.

If you like the sound of his first three novels, tell someone else (who probably also likes Vonnegut, Robbins, and/or Christopher Moore).

Good luck, Fritz- I’ll be reading and cheering from here.

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