ExpertMapper (Third-Party PubMed Tool)


ExpertMapper is similar in purpose to Authoratory. It uses bibliometric analysis of MEDLINE data.

ExpertMapper examines all medical publications that are indexed in the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE database. We rank the expertise of each author according to the number and type of articles that each expert has authored on the specific condition, disease, or treatment of interest to you.

However, ExpertMapper can only do this for 105 pre-defined topics from which the user can select. (The site indicates that they’re open to adding new topics based on user feedback.)

But my favorite thing about ExpertMapper is that it allows the user to narrow his/her search geographically and find the nearest “most expert” institutions or persons. I might look for what institutions are most expert in IBD and find that the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is highly ranked. From there, I can see which individual persons are most expert and what the top articles are on the topic from persons at Mayo.

The interface is wonderfully straightforward and easy-to-use, but ExpertMapper has a nice walk-through and a short FAQ page.

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