Nursing Education 2.0: YouTube

Article by Diane J. Skiba from Nursing Education Perspectives: Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 100–102

PERHAPS WE CAN BLAME IT ON MY BEING SNOWED IN, but I recently discovered YouTubeTM and began to contemplate its potential impact on nursing education. There is a lot of controversy surrounding trash on YouTube, but this is a social phenomenon that cannot be ignored by educators. As you will see here and in future columns, my intention is to focus on Web 2.0 tools and how we can begin to use them to transform nursing education. I will build off five themes (Web 2.0 as a social networking medium, digital natives, Net generation, visual literacy, and thinking outside the box) and develop the notion of Nursing Education 2.0 — that is, emerging technologies that will transform the way nursing education is offered.

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