VisualDxHealth MyDiseaseFinder (Online Dx Tool)

I’ve been rethinking my previous post on “symptom-based search”, and thinking that I’ve been sloppy with my language. Some of these tools include a search component (sometimes searching proprietary content, sometimes searching the Web, sometimes searching select Web sites), but I think categorizing them as “search” tools was a mistake. From now on, I’ll refer to these as online Dx tools.

Today’s addition to the list is the VisualDxHealth My Disease Finder

Select the patient’s age and gender:

Graphically select the part of the body:

…and click Go:

Photographs fitting the criteria are then displaid:

This appears to be most useful in identifying dermatological conditions.

Also interesting from VisualDxHealth, embeddable Widgets for iGoogle or for any Web page:

My Disease Finder

search visual diseases by body location

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2 thoughts on “VisualDxHealth MyDiseaseFinder (Online Dx Tool)

  1. Dear David, thanks for the tip on visualdx.
    I am removed from general medicine and this kind of info looks like a peripheral brain I could make good use of. J.Glassman

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