2 thoughts on “Stephen Frye on Web 2.0 (video)

  1. David, thanks again. I love Stephen Fry, and I am impressed (always) with how articulate he is on all subjects. His grasp of Web 2.0 concepts is very well founded. So often in my world, outside of librarianship, people I know participate with certain elements of web 2.0 but they don’t have the conceptual grounding that Fry seems to have. It’s refreshing to hear.

    Well wishes.

  2. Katy-

    Have you ever seen Fry on the television show QI?

    One of my favorite clips is the one where he talks about Mithras. (NSFW)

    Another Stephen Fry tip: IF you’re ever in the market for a Harry Potter audiobook on CD, try to get your hands on the UK version. Why? The US versions are read by Mr. Jim Dale, but the UK versions are read by Stephen Fry. I have no complaints about Dale (he does a great job) but he just can’t compare to Fry.