davidrothman.net in the “Healthcare 100” (and a reader poll)

Well, this can’t be right.

According to eDrugSearch.com’s algorithm, this blog isn’t just in the Top 100 Healthcare Blogs, it is in the Top 10.

Some of my favorites are also in the top 100:

Medgadget.com – #1
Kevin MD – #2
Over my med body! – #10
Polite Dissent – #12
Science Roll – #37
Women’s Health News – #97 (Hurray for MedLib Blogs!)

Funny, I never set out to write a “healthcare blog.” Go figure. I sometimes wonder how the approximately 900 subscribers to this blog’s feed break out by profession. I’m curious what portion work in medical libraries, what portion work in libraries of other sorts or are library students, and what portion are clinical professionals/students of one sort or another. I strongly suspect that more subscribers are libraryfolk than medicalfolk.

In an attempt to find out, I’ve created the quick poll below. If you have 20 seconds to spare, I’d be grateful if you were to select the radio button next to the option that best describes you and click “Submit Vote.”

davidrothman.net Reader Survey

If you subscribe to or regularly read davidrothman.net, please select the radio button for below that best describes your profession.

Medical librarian
Medical library paraprofessional
Non-medical librarian
Non-Medical Library paraprofessional
LIS Student
LIS Professor/Administrator
Medical Student
Nursing student
NP or PA
Other allied health professional
Bioinformatics professional
IT Professional
None of the above


Thanks! I’ll leave the poll up for about a week and let you know what I learned from it.

(If you think none of these options properly describes your profession, let me know and I’ll add a new radio button.)

12 thoughts on “davidrothman.net in the “Healthcare 100” (and a reader poll)

  1. Thanks, Pat! I have added a radio button for “Journalist/Reporter/Editor.”


  2. Way to go, David! You’re doing good work here. Also, I had no idea Women’s Health News had made it into the list, so thanks for pointing me to it!

  3. I read you because you rock. And because you know what you are talking about. Keep up the good work. What you are doing is important.

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  5. You’re great, that’s why you’re on the top of the list. And your number of feedreaders is just awesome!

    It seems that I’m the only medical student here regarding the survey so far. It’s weird…

  6. Congratulations, David! There are blogs which I ‘scan’, yours is one I really read from A to Z. πŸ™‚

  7. Rachel, Mary, Berci, Meredith, Isaac and Jens-

    You’re very kind. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  8. David–FYI–Google Reader doesn’t show the options to click when it comes through in RSS…

    But I’m added in. Congrats !

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